Meet Dr. Horschman

As a Washington native, Dr. Lisa Horschman was born and raised in Spokane and moved westward in 2001 when she began her undergraduate career at the University of Washington. Achieving both her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from this institution, she has Husky pride running deep in her veins.

Skill and compassion go hand in hand when providing exceptional patient care. As a dental professional, Dr Horschman stays up to date on the latest advancements in dentistry in order to provide the most beneficial treatment options for her patients. Focusing on preventative health, the oral systemic connection and the airway are what drive Dr Horschman to continue in this field. She recognizes that her patients are unique individuals who have placed a great deal of trust in her and the wonderful team she works with. 


When you feel unhappy with the appearance or function of your smile, your perceived self-image has negative effects on your self-esteem. Bringing health and beauty to people who have experienced such pain brings joy and pride into Dr Horschman's life. She helps her patients, who include children, teens and adults, achieve their oral health goals to ensure they have a smile they can be proud of.

One treatment modality is not right for everyone. Through patient education and taking time to learn where their values lie, we collaborate to come up with individualized treatment plans. The ultimate goal is to provide the most conservative dentistry available, helping to preserve the natural tooth as long as possible, while fulfilling patient needs. With advanced training in the Bioclear Method, The Larkin Protocol, laser dentistry and airway dentistry, Dr Horschman is able to offer proactive and minimally invasive treatment options in esthetic and general dentistry. 

Through the Spear Study Club and numerous Continuing Education courses, Dr Horschman exceeds the annual requirements for the profession. She is affiliated with the American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association and the Kitsap County Dental Association. In alignment with her preventative approach she is the General Supervising Dentist for the local non-profit organization Best Dental Help, which is a school- based preventative sealant and fluoride program for preschool and elementary aged children.

Dr. Lisa Horschman, DDS

In 2014, Dr Horschman and her husband, Brent, moved their growing family to the beautiful Kitsap Penninsula. She feels lucky to have discovered and settled in Poulsbo, amongst a generous, caring community and gorgeous landscape with their 3 active children, Cole, Max and Rosalee. When she's not busy practicing dentistry and running a business, Dr Horschman can be seen around the area supporting her kids with soccer, flag football, Kitsap Children's Musical theater and all things music and movement. Dr Horschman is an experienced yogi and brings herself to the mat regularly to help remember that the light, love and fire within herself, honours and cherishes the light, love and fire in those who surround her. Staying active and constantly experimenting with healthy cooking allows her to remain focused on achieving her lifetime goal of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with her husband. 

Dr Horchman truly looks forward to serving and providing outstanding oral health care to her friends, neighbors and community at large here in the beautiful West Sound!