Pediatric Services

From cleanings to fluoride, seeing our youngest patients at an early age helps set them on a course for a lifetime of excellent oral health.

As a mom, Dr. Lisa Horschman knows that your child’s trip to the dentist should be fun, lighthearted, and not something to fear. The way your child is exposed to dentistry lays the groundwork for how they view dental care and dental visits for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Horschman and her team love caring for our patients, and we work hard to make sure each child is spoken to gently, treated with respect, and cared for as if they were our own child. We use simple words to explain procedures to our patients and make sure each parent or guardian is aware of the process as well.

Following the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, she suggests infants should come in for their first oral exam between the ages of six months to 1 year old.

Dr. Horschman will review proper diet, age-appropriate hygiene, and go over pacifier use to make sure your child’s oral health starts strong and stays strong.

She also knows that some children aren’t ready for care at a general dentist’s office and will require a visit to one of our area’s finest pediatric dentists.

Pediatric Cleanings and Exams

Preventative care is one of the simplest and most important ways to make sure your child’s teeth grow in strong and healthy. Giving them the proper tools and teaching them the right way to brush when they are young lays the groundwork that will create healthy habits they will carry with them into adulthood.

Most children have two cleanings a year, but children with a higher risk of decay may need more frequent visits. This holds especially true for our patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. To ensure those smiles are healthy once the braces come off, Dr. Horschman recommends coordinating with the orthodontist to have wires removed prior to cleanings.


Regular fluoride treatments help reduce your child’s risk of developing cavities and can remineralize areas where decay is starting.

Topical fluoride treatments help keep your child’s teeth cavity-free between visits by strengthening the enamel. At West Sound Dentistry, a fluoride varnish is the treatment of choice. Fluoride varnish hardens when it comes in contact with saliva, forming a hard film that is brushed off later that evening. All you have to do is avoid hot liquids that can melt the varnish off and crunchy food that can scrape it away prematurely. This method of fluoride application provides months of protection to your child’s teeth.

Dr. Lisa Horschman and her hygiene team are happy to answer all your questions about fluoride treatments.

Pediatric Sealants

Sealants help protect your child’s teeth from decay by filling in the grooved biting surfaces of your child’s teeth, making them easier to clean. Sealants can dramatically reduce the number of cavities a child might develop throughout their childhood.

Our goal is for our patients to require the least amount of dental treatment possible. Children who enter adulthood with the fewest restored teeth generally have the lowest risk of future problems.

The sealant material creates a smooth surface, filling in the grooves, and making the biting surface more manageable for little hands to keep clean. A resin material is flowed over the grooves and is sealed quickly with a blue curing light. Within a few minutes, your child’s teeth are protected against cavities.

Research confirms a 90% reduction in tooth decay along the chewing surface in sealed molars. This cost-effective, simple step may help your child enter adulthood with fewer fillings.

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