Dental Anxiety Management

Dr. Horschman believes every patient has a right to fear-free and pain-free dentistry. She employs many techniques to help her patients overcome their dental anxiety.

Dr. Horschman uses her experience in yoga to help guide her patients through a series of calming, centering breathing techniques, called Pranayama, designed to reduce tension and bring balance to the physical, emotional, and mental states. Through trust-building exercises and beginning appointments that are short and sweet, patients begin to find a sense of calm in the dental chair.

Dr. Horschman wants every patient to know that they are in charge of their treatment. She will never move forward with treatment without her patients feeling safe and comfortable with the procedure being performed.

Combined with aromatherapy, headphones, and music of their choosing, Dr. Horschman can give most patients the tools they need to self-soothe naturally without the need for sedative medication.

For the few patients whose dental anxiety truly prevents them from receiving dental care, Dr. Horschman does offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation. These patients must have a clear medical history and guarantee a caregiver to give them a ride to and from their appointment.

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