Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile not only affects your self-esteem but how the world sees you too. Smiles matter more than we realize. Volumes of research confirm the influential role of a beautiful smile on our relationships and self-esteem.

The Bioclear Method

Bioclear offers an utterly unique system for dental restorations. Promising minimally invasive restorations tailored to every tooth, the Bioclear matrix system gives dentists the tools and equipment necessary to provide long-lasting, aesthetically superior dentistry.

Black Triangle Closure

Whether you have undergone adult orthodontic treatment and were left with triangular-shaped spacing at the gumline, or have suffered from bone loss causing your gums to recede and show the dark voids between your teeth; black triangles no longer have to be tolerated. Until recently, closing these gaps wasn’t a common procedure because it entailed removing healthy tooth structure to fit it with a ceramic crown. With the patented Bioclear method of black triangle closure, we can conservatively restore these challenging areas with minimal or no tooth preparation.

Diastema Closures

Closing the gaps has never been so beautiful! With old traditional bonding to close unsightly gaps, you were left with margins that stained and a contour which led to unhealthy gum tissue. By using the patented Bioclear Diastema closure matrices, we are able to your gaps with a seamless, natural contour that is made to last. This technique is also great for reshaping undersized teeth.

Tooth Rejuvenation

Chipped worn teeth? With Bioclear, we have a solution for you. Fully wrapping your teeth in dental composite (tooth-colored filling material) helps to restore and rejuvenate your worn, tired teeth. When taken to the next level, this technique can go as far as restoring a completely worn dentition. Schedule a consult to see if Bioclear is the treatment choice for you.

Crown Prevention Therapy

Old silver fillings leave teeth cracked and weakened and typically result in crown treatment. When caught early enough, some teeth can be restored using the Bioclear technique to help strengthen and protect from fracture.

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